FLUENT 5 - startup failure on Novell network: Wrong hostid (hostid is 000000000000)

After connecting a new NT machine, where FLUENT and the license server is installed, to a Novell network, the startup of FLUENT failed with the following message in the Debug.log file:

13:40:33 (FluentLm) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file: 13:40:33 (FluentLm) C:FLUENT.INClicenselicense.dat 13:40:33 (FluentLm) SERVER line says 00010332d47a, hostid is 000000000000 13:40:33 (FluentLm) Invalid hostid on SERVER line
The following 2 points may help to solve the problem:

1. Configure the network in such a way, that you can access from the network files on the hard disk of the machine where FLUENT is installed. Sometimes Novell networks are configured in such a way that this is not possible, although "ping" works.

2. Enable under SYSTEM SETTINGS - SERVICES - REGISTER-SERVICES (in German "Anmeldedienste")

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