FLUENT V6.3 - Makefile for User-Defined Fan Model on Windows

Compiling the executable for the User-Defined fan model on windows requires Fortran and C compilers. The makefile below can be used with Microsoft Visual C++ and Compaq Visual Fortran. It may be necessary to re-define the paths in CTOOLS, FTOOLS and FC. It should also be noted here that to use this makefile, the files fantest.f and wfanp.f must be combined into a single file called fantest.f.
target: fanp.exe
CTOOLS = c:msdevvc98
FTOOLS = c:msdevdf
FC = c:msdevdfinf77
FFLAGS = -names:lowercase -iface:cref,nomixed_str_len_arg -align:dcommons
-align:records -nologo
CPP = $(CTOOLS)incl
CC = $(CTOOLS)incl
LD = link


fanp.exe: fantest.obj
$(LD) fantest.obj rfanp.obj $(LDFLAGS)

fantest.obj: fantest.f
$(FC) $(FFLAGS) -c fantest.f

rfanp.obj: rfanp.c
$(CC) -c rfanp.c

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