FLUENT - Running in batch mode (background) on Windows platforms

FLUENT users on Windows can run in the background using the following command from the DOS prompt:

fluent 3d -g -i input.jou

where input.jou is a journal file containing FLUENT commands such as:

rc example.cas
it 50
wd example50.dat
it 50
wd example100.dat

The following command can be used in a DOS batch file or script in situations where the script needs to wait until FLUENT has completed its run:

fluent 3d -g -wait -i input.jou

A transcript file may also be used to record output that FLUENT would normally print to the screen e.g., the menu prompts and residual reports). For more information about transcript files visit <a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com">http://www.fluentusers.com</a>http://www.fluentusers.com . Under Product Information choose FLUENT 6, then Documentation. Under the heading User's Guide, choose a format for viewing the documentation. Choose Contents and then do a search for "transcript file."

Also see the Windows Installation FAQ's entry:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com/support/installation/winfaq/background1.htm">http://www.fluentusers.com/support/installation/winfaq/background1.htm</a>http://www.fluentusers.com/support/installation/winfaq/background1.htm

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