KR69: What does Duplicate mean in Workbench?

New Fluid Flow (FLUENT) system is created

Geometry and Mesh cells (and their data) are shared*

Setup cell B4 is Up-To-Date (since it contains a copy of the original Setup data)

Solution cell B5 is Update Required (because heavyweight data, such as case and data files, are not copied when systems are duplicated)

Results cell B6 is Unfulfilled (because there are no case and data files in the new system)

Selecting Duplicate from any cell results in the old system and the new system sharing the cells above that cell, if those cells can be shared. In R12, only Geometry and Mesh cells can be shared between Fluid Flow systems. Therefore, if Duplicate is selected from the Mesh cell, only the Geometry cell will be shared. If Duplicate is selected from either the Geometry cell or the header cell, the new system is completely independent from the old system.

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