KR76: How does one set appropriate Zone Type (e.g. mass flow inlet, pressure outlet, symmetry etc.) for the FLUENT simulation on WB12?

There is no GUI to set the Zone Type in DM and Mesh. FLUENT on WB12 decides the Zone Types based on name string used for the Named Selections (NS).


If you create a NS as `velocity_inlet_1` in DM, FLUENT would have the zone as `velocity inlet` type. Similarly a NS `pressure_outlet_1` would make the zone as `pressure outlet` in FLUENT. If the zone type cannot be recognized from the name, it will create a default `wall` type.


DM does not allow hyphen (-) in the NS names. So, the user should use underscore (_) to separate the strings. However, there is no such constraint in Mesh module.

The exact logic behind the selection of zone type based on names is not known. Also, all zone types (e.g. outlet vent, periodic etc.) do not get created automatically by this logic. A proper document from the development about the logic implemented would help.

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