KR112: How do I resolve the following error: FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)?

This is the standard error caused by FLUENT trying to access data that has not been allocated.

There are several causes which we will discuss.

For example, in a UDF, you may probe the cell temperature using the macro C_T(c,t). However, if you have not turned the energy equation `on`, then there is NO temperature stored, and you will get an ACCESS_VIOLATION.

To check a Thread for whether a variable is stored on it, you can use the THREAD_STORAGE(t, SV_XXX) macro, where SV_XXX is the storage variable for the equation of interest. For the energy equation, you would use SV_T. This macro returns a pointer to the data. The value is NULL if the data is not available. See `storage.h` for a complete list of storage variables.

Another cause for the macro is that your case has a UDF hooked, but you do not have the UDF available. The solution is to make sure you have the UDF directory in the correct location relative to the case file.

If this error occurs even though you have NO UDF, then it is likely a software defect, and should be reported to ANSYS.

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