KR118: Warning: materials in neighbor cell threads (3 and 2) of interior zone 19 are of different types (aluminum and water-liquid). This problem MUST be fixed before solving!

In FLUENT, a Wall/Wall-shadow pair must separate solid/fluid regions. Between fluid/fluid regions, we can have an INTERIOR zone type.

It is also possible to convert a solid zone to a fluid and vice versa.

The trick is that you can always turn a solid into a fluid, because the wall/wall-shadows will already exist. After you turn the solid into a fluid, you can then change the Wall/wall-shadow into an INTERIOR (Note: the wall-shadow will disappear when you do this).

On the contrary, if you have a fluid region that you want to turn into a solid, you must FIRST turn the INTERIOR zone separating the regions into a wall/wall-shadow pair. This is done by changing INTERIOR into WALL. The shadow will be created automatically. Then you can change the Fluid zone into a SOLID zone.

The warning message indicates which zones (fluid/solid) you are interested in converting, and the INTERIOR zone which must be converted into a wall

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How do you do when you have a solid-solid intersection and the message error is :
"Warning: zone of type interior found between different solids!
Material of cell zone 4 is aluminum, while material of cell zone 47 is copper."

I don't understand why ansys has a problem with that kind of configuration
Hugo, Fri May 27, 2016