KR120: How can I assign current time as flow time for a transient problem?

I am doing unsteady flow simulations. There are a number of processes involved in a complete cycle: reaction, regeneration and reduction.

I have created individual case for each process(mesh is different for each case), then by using File-> Interpolate... we write and then read data.

But I want to continue the flow time to real time. What I notice is that I can not assign CURRENT_TIME value as: CURRENT_TIME=flow time at the end of previous process.

It seems that it always starts at 0, am I right? Is it possible to change the flow time?

Please use the TUI and set the flowtime according to where you would like the simulation to start using the following command:

(rpsetvar 'flow-time XXX)

where XXX is the flow time in seconds.

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