Error: Could not find feature gambit in license file(s).
Even though there is a gambit FEATURE line in the license file, the above error message is displayed.

Resolution 1: The license file went through a DOS machine and each line ends with an extra carriage return. This will show up as ^M at the end of each line when the vi editor is used to look at the file. Run the file through the dos2unix command to get rid of the extra carriage returns.
On some systems the command may be: to_unix or dos2ux

Resolution 2: The FEATURE line "wrapped" to the line below. Open up the license.dat file. Each line should begin with FEATURE and end with 2 double quotes. If the FEATURE lines are wrapped use an an editor to fix it.

Resolution 3: Open up the license file and ensure that you do have a gambit FEATURE and not just a gambit-addon FEATURE.

Resolution 4: Start gambit with the -nocheck switch, or set the environment CHECK_LMGRD to 0 (zero)

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