KR131: How can I export the temperature in an ASCII format for further postprocessing and analysis?

The ASCII Export commands works as described below
When we type following in Fluent Console and press Enter Key


This command will ask following questions
Ask for File Name. Say "temp.txt"

Boundary Surface IDs on which we want temperature to be exported
"Delimiter/Comma?, if comma not chosen space is assumed to be the delimiter"

This is just a delimiter between two values in the text file
Then it will ask for ASCII Scalar . Here we need to mention temperature followed by brackets () or comma. Ideally one can export many scalar variable other than temperature and to limit the variables we need brackets or just a comma

The final question is about if we need temperature on Cell Center of on Node Center
So in summary we can use this command as

/file/export/ascii "temp.txt" 10 732 () yes temperature () yes

By providing brackets (), Fluent will stop asking questions. Here 10 and 732 are boundary surface Ids.

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