KR134: How to run FLUENT in parallel on a PC?

Set your Fluent.Inc environment variables:

Select the Start Menu, Programs, Fluent Inc Products, Fluent 12, Set Environment. Choose YES to Modify.

Then open up a NEW command prompt and cd to a working directory without spaces in the name. You should not be running from the Fluent.Inc directory.

Then type: fluent 3d -t4 and you should see an output from the Fluent window that it is using all 4 cores.

Then obtain the license.log or debug.log from the license server and see if it has any fluent-par checkouts.

If you are not sure we will need to see the log file and the license file that resides on the server as well as the client machines.

You can send this information to: and reference this case number and we will get back to you

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