KR140: How can I create cool animations in FLUENT and CFD-Post?

The procedure for creating animation in Fluent 6 is outlined below.

Go to Solve -> Animate -> Define

(a) Increase the animation sequence by 1
(b) Click on 'Define' (for sequence-1)
(c) Storage Type - In Memory
(d) Set window number
(e) Choose display type, for example, contours
(f) Click on Properties and select the type and surfaces for the graphics that you would like to animate and close panel.
(g) Click on OK
(h) Select checkbox under Active next to the defined animation sequence.


Once the iteration is over, go to Solve -> Animate -> Playback to playback the animations

(a) Select 'sequence-1' in the list and click on Play button.
(b) This animation is saved 'In Memory' only so when you Exit the current Fluent session, the animation sequence will get lost.
(c) To save the animation as a movie file for future use, click on Write at the bottom of the playback panel.

For saving animation in Fluent 12, the procedure is the same.

We advise you to create <b>high quality animations</b> in CFD-Post 12 now. Please review relevant KRs.

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