FLUENT - How to make an animation in flpost for unsteady fluent data

There is some confusion as to how to use transient data from fluent to make an animation in flpost. The reasons you may want to use flpost for this are:
1) licensing (possible to run flpost without using additional license)
2) memory may be reduced
3) avoid having to save huge .dat files at every time step during fluent run

To start flpost, simply type "flpost" at command (no 2d or 3d required). flpost reads in fluent case files and fieldview data files (doesn't read in fluent dat files). flpost can read in many data files at the same time. This allows you to animate them.

1) In fluent, make a macro (execute command) every time step to dump temperature:

file export fieldview temp%t temperature q

the "q" will tell fluent that you don't want to export any more variables besides temperature. If you run say 10 time steps, this will dump 10 .fvd files.

2) close fluent and launch flpost

3) Go to File-Read-Case and select the fluent cas file

4) in the tui, type "f rd *.fvd" (no quotes) to read in the 10 fieldview data files.

5) Go to define-active domain and select the first time step and select "Apply"

6) Display-contours and display contours of temperature

7) Go to display-animate and select "add" to add the keyfram

8) go to define-active domain, click on the 10th (last) time step and click "Apply"

9) Display-contours and display contours of temperature at the last time step

10) Go to display-scene, highlight whatever is in the "names" box and click the "time step" box. Make sure it says 10, the number of timesteps you have data for

11) Go to display-animate, make the number in the box below "Frame" equal to ten and the select "Add keyframe".

Now if you hit the play button, it will read in all ten data sets and play a movie.

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