KR264: What is the difference between the following operations: copy & paste vs. duplication vs. instancing vs. replication?

Copy and Paste command allows you to copy an existing sketch and paste on the same plane.

Sketch duplication is a function designed to allow you to easily duplicate items from another sketch in the current plane, or the plane boundary, into the current sketch.
The duplicated items and endpoints will have coincident constraints automatically created with the original items. While the same functionality can be obtained by using the Copy and Paste functions, using this function streamlines the process. This function is especially useful for copying portions of plane boundaries, Sketch Instances, or Sketch Projections into a new sketch where they can be modified and used as profiles for other features.

Sketch Instancing allows you to place copies of existing sketches in other planes.
The edges in a sketch instance are fixed just like a plane boundary and cannot be moved, edited, or deleted by normal sketch operations.
When changes are made in a base sketch, its instances will be automatically updated to match it when a Generate is done. A sketch instance can be used just like normal sketches for creating other features. However, it cannot be used as base sketches for Instances, and since it is designed to be a copy of the base sketch, you cannot go into Sketching mode to edit/modify a Sketch Instance. Because you are not allowed to make a sketch instance 'active' while in Sketching mode, they are not included in the drop down menu of sketches on the toolbar.

Replicate command is equivalent to the copy command followed by a paste. Dimensions to axis lines, origin point, or unselected items will NOT be processed. An attempt will also be made to preserve as many constraints on the selected items as possible.

Note that Horizontal/Vertical dimensions and constraints are converted to the opposite in a 90° rotation at Paste time. At any other rotation angle, these dimensions and constraints will not be pasted.

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