MixSim1.7 - Launching the solver (FLUENT 4) doesn't work any more since FLUENT 6 has been installed.

By installing FLUENT 6 in the same installation directory (.../Fluent.Inc) where MixSim1.7 (including FLUENT 4.5) resides, a new start-up script (.../Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent) is installed, which makes it impossible for MixSim1.7 to launch its solver, FLUENT 4.5.

This does NOT affect Windows platforms!

A modified script start-up script is available. Download it and overwrite your ".../Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent" file with it. Make a backup copy of the old version first!

I cannot paste the file here -- obviously, it's too large.

Please grab the file from the following location:

<a target=_blank href="ftp://ftp.fluent.de/outgoing/jos/fluent-run">ftp://ftp.fluent.de/outgoing/jos/fluent-run</a>ftp://ftp.fluent.de/outgoing/jos/fluent-run

Put the file in your directory ".../Fluent.Inc/bin/" and name it "fluent".

For this to be possible, rename the old file "fluent" to something like "fluent-old", first.

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