FLUENT 6.0 - TUI command /define/boundary-conditions/copy-bc doesn't work!

It simply breaks with an error:

/define/boundary-conditions> copy
Copy from: [] links

Error: eval: unbound variable
Error Object: read-thread-names

The following Scheme file can be read into the FLUENT session and will fix the problem.
To make this permanent, add the following line to your ".fluent" file:
(load "fix-ti-copy-bc.scm")

;;; Fix to TUI command /define/boundary-conditsions/copy-bc in Fluent6.0.12:
(define (ti-copy-bc . args)
(let ((from (if (pair? args)
(car args)
(read-thread-id "Copy from:" #f))))
(if from
(let loop ((to (if (and (pair? args) (pair? (cdr args)))
(cadr args)
(read-zone-id-list "to:" '() "Copy target zones.")))
(tlist '()))
(if (not (null? to))
(let ((t (car to)))
(cond ((number? t)
(loop (cdr to) (cons t tlist)))
(let ((str (if (string? t) t (symbol->string t))))
(if (has-wild-card? str)
(let ((tids (map thread-name->id (get-thread-list str))))
(if (not (null? tids))
(loop (cdr to) (append tids tlist))
(loop (cdr to) tlist)))
(loop (cdr to) (cons (thread-id (get-thread t)) tlist)))))))
(if (not (null? tlist))
(copy-thread-bc from tlist)))))))
;;; <EOF>

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