FLUENT 6 - Cannot use interpreted UDF for a loop over all faces of a cell: "non-integer subscript expression: unsigned char."

Some UDF macros cannot be used in interpreted User Defined Functions.
When reading the source into FLUENT, the following error message appears:
non-integer subscript expression: unsigned char.
Macros known to be affected include "c_face_loop", "C_NNODES", "C_NFACES", "C_TYPE".

To resolve this, include the following two lines in your UDF source code, immediately after the line `#include "udf.h"´:

#undef C_TYPE
#define C_TYPE(c,t) ((int) C_STORAGE(c,t,SV_TYPE,uchar_fl *))

This has NOT been tested thoroughly yet -- if you find that it fails, or that other problems appear due to the use of this workaround, please let us know!

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