KR364: How can I make my background white in FLUENT 12 so that I can take screen captures for my presentation?

For the workbench color-scheme the background color is always blue with gradient color and you don`t have options to change this background color.

1. Within default WB color scheme, you can `compose` your plot. Then click on File->Save Picture->Format JPEG Coloring: Color File: Raster Options: Landscape & White Background Resolution 960x720
Click on Preview` a new window will open with your plot on the white background

2. If you want to make the main window white, please follow these instructions:
Revert to Classic color scheme (old FLUENT 6.3). Now you can use TUI commands to set desired background and foreground colors. Here are the steps:

` Choose the Classic color scheme (GUI display->options) or (TUI display/set/color/color-scheme)
` Set the background and foreground color whatever user required by TUI '/display/set/color/background "white" ' and '/display/set/color/foreground "black" '
` /display/re-render will update the back/foreground color in graphics window.

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