KR366: If I want to create two keypoints at (1.5, 7.8, 12.3) and (15.6, -45.6, 42.5) using the array parameter EXAMPLE in question 3, how can I do it? I am able to create them one-by-one for each element of the array but that becomes tedious when I have a lot of rows in the table.

For automatic keypoint numbering you could use:
num=2 ! set this to be the number of rows of data in EXAMPLE
csys,0 ! or whatever coordinate system you want to use

For user controlled keypoint numbering change "k,," to "k,xx+jj,' and set xx before the do loop as the starting keypoint number. For example, if you issue xx=100, then keypoints will be created as 101,102,103,....

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