KR369: I have a list of x,y,z coordinates in a text file. How can I read these into ANSYS to create keypoints?

This can be done using the Ansys APDL functions. Look in the APDL manual for a complete description. Here is a brief excerpt from section which shows how to read data into an array parameter.
You can fill an array from a data file using the *VREAD command (Utility Menu>Parameters>Array Parameters>Read from File). The command reads information from an ASCII data file and begins writing it into the array, starting with the index location that you specify. You can control the format of the information read from the file through data descriptors. The data descriptors must be enclosed in parenthesis and placed on the line following the *VREAD command. See Vector Operations for more information about data descriptors. The data descriptors control the number of fields to be read from each record, the width of the data fields, and the position of the decimal point in the field.
For example, given the following data file named dataval:
1.5 7.8 12.3
15.6 -45.6 42.5
and an array called EXAMPLE that has been dimensioned as 2 x 3, the following commands (provided as either a part or a macro or input listing)
result in

EXAMPLE = 1.5 7.8 12.3
15.6 -45.6 42.5

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