Report mass flow rates through various inlets / outlets vs time in a file

The users wanted to be able to export a file in a spreadsheet type of format containing time as the first column and
the mass flow rates through a given list of inlets / outlets in the other columns.

1) The user defines the export file through the Scheme command

(define p (open-output-file "mf-export.xls"))

2) Then the Scheme file pasted below (wmf-file.scm) has to be loaded
or through
(load "wmf-file.scm")

3) A Command Monitor is set in Solve>Execute Commands with the (generic) content

(write-mf-file list-of-zone-names)



contains the Scheme symbols of various inlet/outlet zones through which the user is interested
to record the mass flow rates.

An example of correct syntax:

(write-mf-file (list 'inlet-1 'outlet-2))

4) After the transient run is completed, it is good to close the output port "p" through
the Scheme command

(close-output-port p)

Scheme file starts below this line. If any problems appear when you copy and paste from here,
you can get the file through email.
;;; This Scheme function is computing
;;; the mass flow rate through a list of
;;; zones identified through their names
;;; and saves the values in spreadsheet format
;;; in a file named mf-export.xls
;;; Usage

;;; 1) After reading the case and data file, type the
;;; TUI command
;;; (define p (open-output-file "mf-export.xls"))
;;; This command will open the file for output

;;; 2) File>Read>Scheme .. this file (wmf-file.scm)

;;; 3) Set a monitor command in GUI
;;; Solve>Monitor>Command
;;; with the following content
;;; (write-mf-file list-of-zone-names)
;;; A correct syntax for the list-of-zone-names looks like
;;; (list 'inlet-1 'outlet-2 'outlet-3)
;;; so for this example the content of the Command Monitor is:
;;; (write-mf-file (list 'inlet-1 'outlet-2 'outlet-3))

;;; 4) Set the frequency of executions - Every "n" Time steps

;;; 5) Run the transient analysis

;;; 6) Once you want to close this file you must type the TUI command
;;; (close-output-port p)

;;; Do not change below this line without calling for support
;;; ==========================================================
(define (write-mf-file list-zone-names)
(let ((tim)(ll)(mass-flow-zone))
(set! mass-flow-zone
(lambda (name)
(let ((id (zone-name->id name)))
(let ((fluxes (thread-integrals id)))
(if fluxes
(let ((f (cdr (assq 'mass-flow fluxes))))
(set! tim (rpgetvar 'flow-time))
(format p " ~a " tim)
(set! ll (length list-zone-names))
(let loop ((i 0))
(if (< i ll)
(format p " t ~a" (mass-flow-zone (list-ref list-zone-names i)))
(loop (+ i 1)))
(newline p)

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