KR378: How do I set up pure O2 combustion with RIF in ANSYS CFX 12?
I made myself an H2 library with pure oxygen as the oxidizer and got the attached library with 0.233 O2 concentration. There was no warning from the CFX Solver or Pre.
What should I do?

There is bug in RIF which resets the oxidizer concentration to the default setting of 0.233 if 1.0 is entered as the O2 oxidizer concentration

The workaround for now is to set the oxidizer up as follows:

Mass Fraction = 0.000001
Option = Mass Fraction
Mass Fraction = 0.999999
Option = Mass Fraction

The flamelet only carries 6 sig figs, so this setting will give fuel N2 concentrations of exactly 0.

NOTE: The described procedure will work for the H2 fuel module, but for other fuels a higher N2 content may be required. The value Y_N2=0.001 will work for all fuel modules. Smaller values may work for certain fuels, but the user should double-check that the value actually has been applied.

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