Run fluent in background on NT

Question: What is the command to run fluent in background (without gui) on NT machine?

Answer: On unix machines, the command is
fluent 2d -g < command.jou > excution_message_file &

Here, command.jou is journal file (text commands) of fluent, excution_message_file is output file for monitoring if fluent excution/calculation is running OK.
But This command does not work for NT.
The command to run background job on NT is:

fluent 2d -i elbow1.jou -hidden

To print out the excution message, transcript file needs to be opened in the begining of the jou file and closed before exit fluent:

file start-transcript file.trn put it in the beginning
of the jou file
file stop-trans put these two lines on the end of the jou file.
exit y

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