How to group several surfaces for postprocessing through TUI command

A need to be able to group surfaces for postprocessing through a TUI command (to use in journal
files in batch mode for example) has been expressed.
The Scheme function presented below defines a Scheme - TUI command which
allow the user to group a list of surfaces under a desired name, creating a new
surface ready for postprocessing.
;;; Scheme tool to implement surface
;;; grouping for postprocessing in text command mode
;;; Usage
;;; 1) Load the Scheme file
;;; through File>Read>Scheme ..
;;; or through (load "text-sgr.scm")
;;; 2) Command
;;; (t-srf-group desired-group-name list-of-surfaces-to-be-grouped)
;;; Example for correct syntax
;;; (t-srf-group 'all-inlets '(inlet-1 inlet-2 inlet-3))
;;; 3) ! Do not use an existent name for the new group !
;;; Do not edit below this line without calling for support
(define t-srf-group
(lambda (group-name list-of-surface-names)
(let ((sids))
(set! sids (map surface-name->id list-of-surface-names))
(cx-add-new-srf-group group-name sids)

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