How can I read a library file for impeller geometry information in MixSim from a different directory?

Normally, when you want to add an impeller in MixSim using the library, MixSim finds the information in, e.g., /usr/local/fluent/Fluent.Inc/mixsim1.7/library/...
In my case, I have a masterlibrary and I would like MixSim to read information from this local directory. I dont have permission to alter the library in /usr/local/fluent/Fluent.Inc. So is there a way to maybe SETENV to point MixSim to look at a directory I specify for the impeller library?
In the MixSim (1.7) Text User Interface, enter the following line:
(set! ms-impeller-library-directory "/nfs/your/home/you/whatever/library/directory")

(In Windows NT, this is somewhat tricky. The above line should look like this:
(set! ms-impeller-library-directory "z:MyFluIncmixsim1.7library")
-- Yes, there's a *double backslash* at the end of this line!)

You can check the setting using the following command:
(display ms-impeller-library-directory)

*After* having set this, choose Geometry---Impeller---Add---Library from the Menu. It should now offer you the library files in the directory that you specified.

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