KR495: TGrid: What default length should I give initially? How do I determine the sizes on different zones?

The Default Length is the largest allowable cell length in the Cartesian grid. Depending on the shape and size of the input geometry, T-Grid automatically computes an appropriate value for the Default Length. However, you can also specify the value manually.
Sizes are defined on discrete level -
For example, If Default Length is 256,
Level 1 = 256
Level 2 = Default Length / 2 = 128
Level 3 = Default Length / 2 / 2 = 64
In General,
Level N = Default Length / (2(N - 1))

General guidelines
` Min size should be around 2 times smaller than the mesh size you want on extremely important parts.
` It should be 3-4 times smaller than important narrow gap
` Coarsening after wrapping can be used to get the right final size

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