How to include image for t=0 in animation sequence created using Solve>Animate

Animation sequences created through the Solution Animation panel can be written every N time steps. If the time step size is dt, there will be an image written at N*dt,2N*dt,3N*dt and so on. When creating an animation for a transient simulation, in many cases it may be desirable to contain an image in the animation that shows the initial condition (t=0). Such an image is not automatically generated.
It is possible to include an image for t=0 in an animation. To do so, type the
following scheme command in the text interface prior to starting the

(ani-monitor-update 1 #t #f)

This should be repeated once for every animation sequence that has been
defined. If there are three animations,
(ani-monitor-update 1 #t #f)
(ani-monitor-update 2 #t #f)
(ani-monitor-update 3 #t #f)

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