KR501: TGrid: Imprinting is taking lot of time, what is wrong?

There could be many possible reasons for taking long time for imprinting. Usually for Underhood kind of complex geometries take around 2 hrs for imprinting. If it is taking far more time than this or getting into hung kind of situation, then probably the user can check following things :

1. See that you have done merge node operation for the STL geometry otherwise T-Grid will extract edges for each facet of the STL.
2. See that you have not extracted any unnecessary bunch of edges for the feature not reflected on wrapper surface;.e.g in Underhood, cowl geometry has lot of honeycomb type features which we don`t need and feature edges for that can be deleted manually.
3. See that you have not reduced the angle of feature edge extraction unnecessarily. Use maximum possible angle for feature extraction for the zones whose feature capturing is not that important.

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