residence time calculation for a fluid in a reservoir

Computation of the residence time for fluid in a reservoir.
There are two ways of computing the residence time of fluid in a reservoir. In both approaches the fluid flow is solved first, using the steady state solver.
Than a transient simulation of species tracking follows. In the first approach, the tracer is supplied to the tank over a fixed time interval.
The tracer concentration versus time is plotted at the reservoir exit and the resulting curve has a bell shape (E-curve). The residence time is defined as the
time corresponding to cover 10% of the surface area under the curve. This is also the experimental approach. In the second approach, the tracer is supplied
continuosuly. At the reservoir exit c/c0 = f(t) is plotted where c0 is the tracer concentration at the inlet (F-curve). The time corresponding to c/c0=0.1
is defined as the residence time. This approach is not applied in the experiments due to the high cost of the tracer which would have to be supplied continuously.

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