How do I apply a transient loading (Power) to my source?

You can apply a transient load to a source (planar or volumetric) using following procedure.

Initially define the model as Transient model, through Problem Setup--> Basic parameters --> Transient set up ---> time variation as Transient

Then edit the source and give the Total power. Select "Transient", and click "Edit" and you will need to specify tS and tE (the starting and ending times within which the specified power is on), and the time variation of power with time (Linear, Power law, etc.).

Note that you can also specify transient loading to a solid or fluid blocks, and to thick conducting plate.

For additional information, refer following section:

Icepak 12.1 User Guide -> Sources -> Adding a Source to Your ANSYS Icepak Model -> User Inputs for Heat Source Parameters

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