What is the difference between a 2D heat source and power applied to a thin conducting plate ?

Answer: A Thin conducting plate and a 2D source are 2D objects, but there is difference in term of numerical implementation of power generation.

When a thin conducting plate is defined in a model, the user has to specify the thickness to it.

Solver will generate a temporary layer of cells (Fig 1.1) of given thickness and solve 3D conduction equation in it. The power specified to conducting thin plate is then uniformly spread into this thickness.

When a 2D source of power P and area A is defined in a model, the power on a given face (mesh face) of area Ai on a source is given by Pi = P * (Ai / A). This power (Pi) is then divided between the cells adjacent to face Ai in the ratio of conductivity on the 2 sides of the source.

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