FLUENT, TGrid, GAMBIT - How to specify the graphics driver

How to specify graphics driver for FLUENT (or TGrid).
When launching the application ("fluent 3d"), FLUENT picks the best graphics driver available. Usually it is opengl on the console screen, and X11 if running from a remote terminal. Opengl is generally faster, but may not be installed on all systems. (The available drivers vary by platform).

To find out which driver is utilised once the application is launched, use the following commands:

in GUI: Display=>Options=>Info
in TUI: /display/set/rendering-options/device-info

This will print the driver info in the cortex window.

Here are several methods of selecting explicitelly which driver is to be used (say, opengl):

1) If the FLUENT application is already launched, change the driver with
the following text command:

/display/set/rendering-options/driver opengl

2) Or, launch FLUENT with the -driver option included in the startup command; e.g.:

fluent 3d -driver opengl

3) Or, to make opengl the default driver, add the following line
in your .cshrc or .login file:


Now you can launch FLUENT with the simple command "fluent 3d"
and the application will use openGL.


Similarly, you can specify the driver for Gambit (say, driver x11) by launching with the following command:

gambit -dev x11 test &

The available -dev(ice) options are:
x11 | xwin(dow) --- X11-device (any platform)
open(gl) --- OpenGL-device (any supporting platform)
gl --- GL-device (SGI and IBM/AIX specific)
xgl --- XGL-device (SUN specific)
sbx | star(base) --- Starbase-device (HP specific)

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