What rules should we follow while creating non-conformal assembly?

While creating a non-conformal assembly, following rules need to be taken in to account.

These rules are for bounding box of the assembly after using slack values.

1. Surface rule exception:

Bounding box surfaces should not touch any external objects,
However, they can touch hollow objects and cabinet boundaries. The bounding box, however can intersect the external objects

2. Object outside assembly:

An object that does not belong to the assembly cannot lie completely within the non-conformal assembly bounding box

3. Intersection rule:

Sides of the non-conformal meshed assembly can intersect solid or hollow object. However, the thin conducting plates, or object formed of thin conducting plates, inclined objects, polygon cannot intersect the bounding box of non-conformal assembly.

4. Assembly ` Assembly intersection

Bounding boxes of assemblies can touch each other but they cannot intersect or overlap.

For additional information check attachment.

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