In ICEPAK, restarting a Transient model from a Steady state solution does not work when 'Full data' option is used for restart. Why? Is there any work around?

There may be issues while restarting a transient solution from a steady state solution using `Full data` option, if "Merge zones when possible` function is selected under Run solution and Advanced tab.
The option "Merge zones when possible` tries to group objects that are of similar type (properties and boundary condition). It helps to reduce the memory needed for the case file. However, if you run a steady state first with this option on, then try to restart a transient problem, there may be chances that the number of zones or zone id are changed, and the solver is trying to use the zones from the previous case file and gives error.

Following workarounds can be used to avoid issues with training restart:

(1) Run a steady state case with " Merge zones when possible " switch off, and then restart transient case using full data from steady case.

(2) Start the transient run using `Interpolated` steady state data.

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