Workaround to handle GTPower path length limitation

GTPower has a path length limitation which may result in GTPower not being able to open neccessary files during coupled Fluent/GTPower runs. The files are located in the Fluent.Inc/coupling/GTI/resrc/vx.y.z directory. This occurance is not unlikely considering the install path of the Fluent.Inc/ directory adds to the length of the total path.

This shortcoming is a fortran limitation associated with the GTPower library, not a limitiation of Fluent.
By default, during coupled Fluent/GTPower runs, Fluent sets the GTIHOME directory to $FLUENT_INC/coupling/GTI directory (where $FLUENT_INC is the environment variable pointing the the GTPower install path). If the location of this GTIHOME is too long for the GTPower library to process, GTPower can be forced to look at an alternate GTI installation directory by setting the GTIHOME variable before starting Fluent. If this environment variable exists, this will override the Fluent default location for GTIHOME.

This requires a separate GTI/ installation, and the GTIHOME environment variable pointing to this installtion. The GTIHOME install path must not exceed the maximum path length limit. Furthermore, the version of the GTI/ installation must be the same as the GTPower coupling library.An alternate solution is to install Fluent.Inc/ to a shorter path, if possible. Another solution is to make a link to Fluent.Inc/ and running fluent from the linked Fluent.Inc/bin/ directory. The path to the link should be short enough to accomodate the GTPower path limitation.

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