KNOWN ISSUE: Monitor data export can lose precision (Class 3 Error)

When monitor data is exported from either the Solver Manager, or using the cfx5mondata utility, there is the potential for the accuracy of the data to be reduced.

The problem is due to inconsistencies in the way in which the raw monitor data are written by the solver to the results file, and subsequently handled by export utilities when outputting these data to text files. The precision of the raw monitor data (controlled by a solver expert parameter) can be up to 16 significant figures, although the default is only 5. The export utilities only write data in a free format which is typically only 6 significant figures. Users might expect that, for single precision runs, the data is always written to 8 significant figures.

In most cases, the error only affects the end ouptut and not the simulation itself. However, in ICEM CFD remeshing cases, and others that use boundary location data to regenerate meshes during the course of the simulation, inaccuracies can occur as a result of this problem.

No workaround is currently available.

ANSYS CFX Release 13.0.

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