Is there a way to create monitor points in the point's directory of an Icepak model by adding lines to the problem file?

1. Open the model in Icepak
2. Create a single monitor point (let`s call it mon1)
3. Close the Icepak model
4. Open the file named `problem` in the Icepak project folder
5. Search for "array set named_point" without the quotes. We will modify the problem file inside the curly braces immediately after this text.
6. Add the second monitor point named `mon2`. To do this, add the following `text block` inside the curly braces after the term `array set named_point".
mon2,name mon2
mon2,x 0.521
mon2,y 0.631
mon2,z 0.891
mon2,pressure 0
mon2,velocity 0
mon2,temperature 1
mon2,x_units m
mon2,y_units m
mon2,z_units m
mon2,selected 0
mon2,nodes {}
mon2,active 1
mon2,object {}
7. Please specify the correct x,y,z locations in the text block above.
8. Search for `names` inside the problem file inside the curly braces, include the new monitor point in the line starting with names
names {mon1 mon2}
9. Many monitor points can be added this way by adding the text block mentioned above for each monitor point. Please remember to give a unique name for every monitor point.
10. When you have many monitor points, add the name of each monitor point in the names list
names {mon1 mon2 mon3 mon4 mon5 ..}

More Info:
Monitors points in point`s folder create (*.out) ASCII files in the Icepak project folder when model is being solved with post processing data per time step at the location so post processing is not needed which can sometimes be very difficult for long runs.

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