How can I perform a calculation involving a variable, ie: Temperature, from 2 separate runs on the same geometry? Case comparison performs only differences between variables.

CFD Post Case Comparison currently pools variables from 2 cases under one unique variable name. The only way to distinguish them in this mode is to filter with functions and locators, ie: areaAve(Temperature)@CASE:1.locator

To do calculations across 2 cases that don't involve locators, use frozen copies of the variables from one case as described in the example below:

EXAMPLE: For Q2/(T2-T1):

1. Load Case 1
2. Go to Variables and create a new variable (T1) with method Frozen Copy and select the variable to copy from as Temperature
3. Load Case 2 with option set to keep current cases loaded
4. Unload Case 1. T1 will stay behind as a User Defined Variable
5 Create a variable from the Expression: Wall Heat Flux/(T1 - Temperature)
6. Plot expression on contour plot

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