KNOWN ISSUE: "cfx5parhosts -benchmark" does not work on Windows platforms

Executing the command "cfx5parhosts -benchmark" on a Windows machine results in output similar to the following:

Running benchmark with 1 partitions. For best results, ensure that no other
jobs are running on this machine while the benchmark is running.
An error has occurred in cfx5parhosts:
The ANSYS CFX solver exited with return code 128. No results file has
been created.
An error has occurred in cfx5parhosts:
Error finding the total CPU time in the ANSYS CFX solver output file
<folder>Benchmark_001.out: perhaps the job did not complete

The "cfx5parhosts -benchmark" command allows the determination of the relative speed of a machine by running a benchmark case. On Windows platforms, where the HP MPI-based solver is used by default, the cfx5parhosts script does not set up the path correctly to pick up some required HP MPI libraries.

Add the following folder to the path:

On most Windows machines the path can be set temporarily inside the Command Prompt itself, just for the purposes of running the benchmark. This can be done by opening the CFX Launcher, selecting Tools > Command Line, and then typing:

path %path%;C:Program FilesANSYS Incv121CFXtoolshpmpi-win-1.1-1bin
cfx5parhosts -benchmark

assuming the default ANSYS installation path.

No fix is currently available.

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