How to view FiDAP results in CFD-Post 13?

Please export your FiDAP results in NEUTRAL file format using FICONV(Neutral, output, results) as mentioned below.

**From FiDAP Users Manual Chapter 6 FICONV ****

The FICONV commands that are valid when the NEUTRAL, OUTPUT option is invoked are: END, ECHO, OUTPUTFILE, RESULTFILE and ABORT. The OUTPUTFILE command specifies the filename of the FIDAP neutral file to be created; the default name is ident.FDNEUT, where ident is the current problem identifier. The RESULTFILE is only used if the RESULTS or DEFORMED keyword is specified in the FICONV(NEUTRAL,OUTPUT) command and specifies the filename of the results database whose results are to be output to the neutral file; the default name is ident.FDPOST. A sample input for the creation of a FIDAP neutral file is:

OUTPUTFILE(DELETE) Delete any existing ident.FDNEUT file

In this case, the created neutral file will be ident .FDNEUT and includes the results from the run2.FDPOST database.


Once this neutral file is written, you can load it in CFD-Post.

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