The following would be a typical error message, where the numbers will vary from one failed case to another:

Error: level 1 Mismatch in extr (1) and intr (33) size ! p = 7 i=0.

Resolution: Download ANSYS FLUENT 13.0 Service Pack 1. Date Updated: January 10, 2011

Description of the Service Pack:

This FLUENT Service pack (SP1) addresses a large-scale parallel computing bug related to
the algebraic multigrid solver in FLUENT-13. Problems have been observed when running
simulations on large compute clusters in the range of 256 ways parallel (cores) and above,
where it leads to solver crashes under certain circumstances. This fix applies to Linux and Unix
platforms (in the said range). Windows is not affected by this issue. Customers doing largescale
parallel simulations and affected by this issue are recommended to use this updated

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