Error: ANSYS execution Failed!
Error executing ANSYS. Refer to System-related Error Messages in the ANSYS online help. If this was a Distributed ANSYS job, verify that your MPI software is installed correctly and is in your PATH, check your environment settings or check for an invalid command line option.

Distributed ANSYS is not supported by:

ANSYS Professional NLS
ANSYS DesignSpace

If you are trying to run these products in parallel on a single computer (shared memory parallel), go to:

Tools -> Solve Process Settings -> Advanced

and uncheck `Distribute solution (if possible)." Note that an ANSYS HPC license will be required if you select more than 2 processors in the "Max number of utilized processors" field.

For products that do support distributed parallel calculation (on single computers or across nodes of a cluster), check to be sure that the appropriate MPI libraries have been installed and configured.

See this section of ANSYS Help (paste this string into the Help path field):

// Distributed ANSYS Guide

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