Firewalls and ANSYS / FLUENT R12-13

Firewall exceptions may need to be set if the license server specification is correct, the client computer can communicate with the server, but a license error still occurs, such as:

Could not connect to any license server. The server is down or not responsive.

Below is a list of the files you will need to add to the Firewall exceptions list:

Files to add are found in the C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensingwinx64 or ntx86 directory

*ANSYS License Manager*

SERVER Exceptions
1. lmgrd.exe
2. ansyslmd.exe
3. ansysli_server.exe
4. ansysli_monitor.exe
5. ansysli_client.exe

CLIENT Exceptions
1. ansysli_client.exe

*FLUENT License Manager*

SERVER Exceptions

1. fluentlm.exe
2. lmgrd.exe
3. icem_cfd.exe (For Ice pak and other Ice* Products)
4. artwork.exe (For Gerber file import)
5. ilight.exe (If running Fieldview )

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