How to activate Parallel processing in Explicit STR using HPC?

Parallel Processing in Explicit STR is a Beta Feature in Explicit Dynamics release 13.0 and 14.0. To use this feature follow these steps:
1. Turn on Beta option from project page : Select `Tools ` Options` from project page and select `Beta Option` under `Appearances` from the left menu.

2. Place attached *.cfg in AUTODYN folder, for window 64 machine the file should be placed in C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataAnsysv130AUTODYN.
On window 7 machine file should be placed in C:Users[username]AppDataRoamingAnsysv130AUTODYN

3. Start an `Explicit Dynamics` system on the project page. Define number of processors from Explicit Dynamics interface, menu `Tools ` Solve Process Settings`, "Advanced" button, and check the box for "Distributed Solution (if Possible)"

4. Solve

Please refer to this section of ANSYS Help for details on parallel processing. Paste this string into the Path field of the ANSYS Help viewer:
// Mechanical User's Guide // Features // Solving Overview // Using Solve Process Settings

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