Error: open_udf_library: The system cannot find the path specified

RESOLUTION 1: You do not have a compiler installed. See the instructions below on the required Microsoft compilers and instructions for running FLUENT using these compilers:

FLUENT Serial: Compiling and Loading User Defined Functions:
See Related Solution 2016776

FLUENT Parallel: Compiling and Loading User Defined Functions:
See Related Solution 2017096

RESOLUTION 2: You have a supported compiler installed, but the UDF did not compile. To verify this expand to the `libudf` directory that was created. You should have a directory structure with the following files. If you do not then your UDF did not compile. Make sure you are starting FLUENT from the compiler command prompt window and that you are launching FLUENT in the directory where your .c file is located.
NOTE: If you are running on Windows 64 your directory will have a win64 directory instead of an ntx86 directory.

RESOLUTION 3: If you are running FLUENT in a network parallel, this error will be generated because the other computer(s) on the cluster cannot "see" the directory where the UDF is residing; meaning that the directory has not been shared. Go to the main compiler page (Related Solution 2017096) and choose the compiler you are using and follow the instructions exactly.

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