FLUENT 6 - One of the common reasons for 'Error: access: unbound variable ; Error Object: phase-domain?'

Sometimes it might happen that you can read a mesh file in FLUENT5 without any error and while reading the same in FLUENT6.0 you get following error :

Error: access: unbound variable
Error Object: phase-domain?

One of the common reasons and work around for such error, is provided here.

The error is usually caused by name assignment in the boundary condition panel for the face and cell zones. If you check the boundary condition panels (for both face and cell) in GAMBIT dbs file, you might find that you have a boundary/cell name with a blank in between. Examples are:
inflow large, fluid hot, etc

The proper names should be:
inflow_large, fluid_hot,
inflow-large, fluid-hot

If you read the mesh into Fluent 5, you will not get error but the second part (after the blank) will be truncated.

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