Unable to connect to the Solver Manager

Problem Description:

When starting Workbench the toolbox is empty of Workbench components and you receive the following message or you might have other symptoms:

1.Unable to connect to Solver Manager

2.Most likely to occur on systems with Windows Vista and Windows Defender

3.Difficulty in launching other application or editors from within Workbench

4.DesignModeler may take several minutes to open.

5.When Design Modeler opens, the dialog: "Ansys Workbench - Select desired length units` is not displayed.

5a.In Tools > Options panel > Design Modeler > Units (The panel may show two identical preference settings labeled "Length Unit")
Resolution 1:

If you are using Microsoft Windows Defender there has been reports that this application removes localhost from the C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts file. You would not even be able to launch the Mechanical editor (or any other editor for that matter) as these applications all use localhost to connect to the remoting interfaces.

Open the `hosts` file located at: C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts and make sure the following line is inserted. After entering this text to the `hosts` file, save the file. A reboot might be necessary: localhost
Resolution 2:

It is possible that a firewall on this computer is blocking the local connection between ANSYS Workbench and the ANSYS Solver Manager. Temporarily disable all firewalls on the machine. If this corrects the issue you will need to open the port 10002 in your firewall in order to allow this application to run successfully.
Resolution 3:

There may be another application using port 10002 on the machine. You can check this by running the netstat command in a Windows command prompt:

1.Choose Start > Run
2.Type: cmd
3.Type: netstat -ab -p TCP

This will display all processes on the machine that are using TCP ports.

For Example:

C:>netstat -ab -p TCP

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP computer_name:10002 computer_name.company.com:0 LISTENING 3724

If a process other than Ansys.SolverManager.exe is using port 10002 try shutting down this process in task manager and restarting ANSYS Workbench.
Resolution 4:

It is also possible to change the port number used by the Ansys.SolverManager.exe process. To do this you will need to edit the following file. C:Program FilesANSYS Incv120AISOLBinintelAnsys.SolverManager.exe.config. In this file change the port from 10002 to another open port on the machine.

It will be located on this line: <channel ref="tcp" port="10002" secure="false">

You can check for open ports by using the net stat command shown above.

See attached Resolution Document.

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