Local server exited or could not read local server port ANSYSLI_LOCAL_PORT

This error can be caused by a number of different things. Installing ANSYS R13 Service Pack 2 usually fixes it. Here is a complete list of known solutions, ordered in a balance between difficulty level and success rate:

SOLUTION 1) Assuming R13 base is installed, update the ANSYS R13 License manager AND product to Service Pack 2.

SOLUTION 2) Run the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility and go to Tools > Complete Unfinished Licensing Installation Configuration. Step through the screens choosing next, etc. If you are prompted with `NOTE: A valid license file already exists on this system` click [Skip].

SOLUTION 3) Verify that TEMP and TMP environment variables are set and that you can write to their associated temp folders.

SOLUTION 4) Check permissions for %APPDATA%AnsysANSYSLI_LOCAL_PORT (Windows) to make sure the user has full control for this file. On Unix/Linux this is located in your home directory: $HOME/ansys/ANSYSLI_LOCAL_PORT

SOLUTION 5) Clear preferences and various settings back to default:
On Windows: Rename %appdata%Ansysv140 to v140.old, and restart ANSYS.
On Unix/Linux: Rename $HOME/Ansys to ansys.bak1 and clear the Mainwin: (rename $HOME/.mw to .mw.bak1), and restart ANSYS.

SOLUTION 6) Check the debug files under %TEMP%.ansys (zip them and upload the zip file to your Service Request).

SOLUTION 7) Create a new user account on the operating system and test to see if it works there (may need help from your IT department). If this works something is corrupt or permissions changed on the original account.

SOLUTION 8) Uninstall and then reinstall ANSYS R13 and SP2.

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