Using FLUENT R12.0 with the FLUENT License Manager within Workbench

You can use FLUENT R12.0 running from the FLUENT License Manager, as described in Related Solution 2020119, `Downloading and Installing FLUENT 12.0 ` Windows`

When doing this, you will still be able to use FLUENT R12.0 within Workbench with DesignModeler and ANSYS Mesher if you have licenses for these products.

Step 1: Launch WorkBench
Go to Start > All Programs > ANSYS 12.0 > Workbench

Step 2: Bring in a Standalone Mesh or Geometry, and then work within DesignModeler or ANSYS Mesh. Once the mesh is created you can transfer it to FLUENT.

Step 3: Transfer Data to New FLUENT
-- Right-Click on "Mesh"
-- "Transfer Data To New" > "FLUENT"

Step 4: Open FLUENT using the created Geometry
-- Right-click on "Setup"
-- Select "Edit" to launch FLUENT R12.0

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