How to include volatile heating value in coal combustion with EBU model

User wanted to know how to include coal volatile heating value in a case where EBU model is used for volatile reaction
The volatile heating
value is included under Define-> Materials -> Fluid type panel where all
the species are sitting. The variable name is heat of formation and you
will need to do some hand calculation to find out what heat of formation
is for your volatiles. This can be done if you know the following:
(1) Volatile heating value
(2) The reaction scheme for volatile material (C2H3O4 +2.5 O2 = CO2 + Co
+ ....)
>From the knowledge of stoichiometric coefficients and heating value, you
can find the heat of formation. The formula can be seen at
<a target=_blank href=""></a>
Scroll down to equation 13.1.31; more background info on some symbols can be found if you scroll back up.

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